During the last few months our security agencies have alerted us time to time about the growing presence of “ISIS” in India. Now we should understand that not only presence of “ISIS” module in India is dangerous but presence of “ISIS” in Indian subcontinent is also dangerous for us. We are surrounded by Muslim countries where it is easy for “ISIS”, “Al-Qaida” and “L-E-T” to set up its module.

In past few months many Hindu priest were brutally killed in Bangladesh. Every time “ISIS” had taken responsibility of such kind of attacks but Bangladeshi government always denied the role of any terrorist organisation behind this. Bangladeshi government always denied the presence of international terrorist organisations in their land and said that recent incidents were results of internal jihadist groups. Last night news came from Bangladesh, where “ISIS” terrorists entered a restaurant called “Holey Artisan Bakery” in the diplomatic area of Bangladesh and hostage the people dining there. People were asked to read Quran and those who failed to do so were brutally hacked to death. Total 20 people were killed and all were foreign nationals. Out of 20 people a 19 year old Tarushi Jain of U.P. (India) was also killed. Another person of Indian origin Dr. Satyapal was also hostage but afterward leaved because, he knew the Bengali.

At the same point of time NIA detained 5 Muslims youth from Hyderabad suspecting that they are “ISIS” module in India. The investigation is now in primary phase; meanwhile politics is started in favour of terrorism. There are many well wishers of terrorism exist in our country, some of them are politicians also. One of them is Asaduddin Owaisi. After detention of 5 suspect of “ISIS”, Owaisi came to media and said he will provide financial and legal aid to such suspects. As per the article of Indian Constitution every culprit is eligible for legal help, if he could not afford the legal assistance, court shall provide it. But an open support by a politician definitely increases the moral of terrorism.

Now the issue here is how to stop “ISIS”. Security agencies are continuously working to stop their influence in the country. But in the era of internet and social media, which is an easy gateway to reach to the prospects, it is not an easy task. There should be a strong voice come from the Muslim community especially from Muslim priests to oppose such kind of activity and they should reach to the youth of their community and stop them to get into the influence of “ISIS”. All of us heard about the radical Islam. But is it really possible to radicalize any religion? The terrorist organisation are wrongly explaining the “Quran” to attract the Muslim youths around the world and now they are knocking the door of and so the responsibility of Muslim priest is now more important to stop such radicalisation.

Politicians should also understand their responsibility and they should come together at least on the issue of terrorism and stop opposing incidents like “Batala House Encounter” and Hyderabad “ISIS” module detentions.