Valley is unrest again, it is burning, and 17 people are being killed so far. People are protesting because poster boy of terrorism has been killed by army and J&K police. But killing of Burhaan Waani is not enough. You need to kill the entire fraternity. Kill all those people who are terrorising the humanity and book all its supporters. You might have remembered Umar Khalid. Yes the supporter of terrorism who chanted “Kashmir ki aazadi tak jung rahegi”(war will continue till the freedom of Kashmir). Police arrested him and the entire presstitute fraternity stood behind him. Journalist like Barkha Dutt, Ravish Kumar, Rajdeep Sardesai openly supported him. Even for his support Ravish Kumar blacked out the TV screen in his programme. Now that Umar Khalid again opened his poisonous mouth and this time he said “Burhaan (the terrorist) lived a free man, died a free man”. He also compared him with Che Guevara ( First of all people like Umar Khalid should be booked for sedition and presstitutes like Ravish Kumar should apologise for their supports.

Our enemies are not outsiders, they are part of our society, very silently they destroying this country and they like to call themselves secular. Secular, this word has its own glamour in politics. A well known secular of Indian Politics is Digvijay Singh. He is a very soft hearted politician and always keeps sympathy for terrorists. When a terrorist dies, his heart starts crying. He calls Osama Bin Laden, Osama Ji. For him terrorists of Batala House were innocent guy and the notorious preacher Dr. Zakir Naik is messenger of peace.

Killing of a Burhaan Waani will not solve the problem; we need to kill the mentality of appeasement. Whom these people are appeasing? Terrorists? Why? What is the need? Let these terrorist be killed. Today if Burhaan Waani has become a hero from a poster boy of terrorism, the reason is these goons are getting support from the people who appease a particular community for vote bank politics.

Since 1989 Kashmir is burning, because our politicians don’t let army to resolve the issue. Kashmir issue need a strong political will, whoever want Kashmir free give him befitting reply. Kashmir is an integral part of India; this is the land where Shyama Prasad Mukherjee becomes martyr, where thousands of soldiers got the martyrdom to save its integrity.